Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Say "NO" to Escalation

This evening, President Bush is expected to announce an escalation of troops to Iraq. The President is calling it a “troop surge.” Yet experts warn that the President’s actions amount to an act of desperation, and that as proposed, the increase in troops amounts to little more than putting more American “targets” in lethal crosshairs of an Iraqi civil war. Moreover, the American people and the new Congress have stated overwhelmingly that they do NOT want to escalate the war. They want to END it!

Join Faithful America, Win Without War Coalition who, immediately following the President’s announcement, will call for a national grassroots response that will take place within 24 hours, at 7pm on the following day, to say "NO!" to the President.

This means that on Thursday people across the country are coming together in a variety of events to tell both the President and Congress that Americans do NOT want more troops in Iraq. Can you attend one of these events?

Become part of an event in your community HERE.

Events are springing up all over the country, but there's always room for more. If you don't see an event in your area, you can host your own. They're easy and we've done most of the legwork for you -- compiling an event kit that is chock full of information, tips, and tools (including posters) to make each event a success. Visit to host an event this Thursday -- and be sure to advertise it to all your friends and neighbors.

One more thing – Your ONLINE actions make a difference also. Please take a moment to sign the “Mandate for Peace” petition that already has more than 30,000 signatures! To sign the petition, go HERE.

Finally, whatever your faith tradition, we ask you to pray for, meditate upon, and lift up PEACE. With more than 3,000 of our soldiers dead, hundreds of thousands of Iraqi innocents dead, wounded, or displaced, all from a war of our country’s making, we who love peace MUST do all we can to stop it. For the first time in more than four years we have a Congress who is willing to stand up to the President on this horrendous war. Let’s give them the support they need to stop this latest reckless act of aggression and begin bringing the peacemaking process.


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