Friday, December 22, 2006

December Interfaith Relations Newsletter is Now Online

Please click here to read the December 2006 issue of the Interfaith Relations Newsletter. The current issue has several interesting articles:

1. Thinking Together -- why the group of inter religious leaders brought together through the initiative of the World Council of Churches might the a cutting edge experiment in the methodology of Chiristian theologizing.

2. A report from the Interfaith Relations Commission meeting in September 2006. This includes reports on:

  • the two panels we organized at the Congress on World Religions after 911 on various Christian and various religious perspectives on the important question of Forgiveness and Reconciliation.
  • two key initiatives of the Commission, on Christian Zionism and on the 400th anniversary of the settlement of Jamestown, VA
3. An article by Robert O. Smith on Apocalyptic Theology: Its Challenge to the Church.

4. A page of Interfaith Relations Resources

Please read and forward to those whom you think might be interested in this.


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