Thursday, December 14, 2006

Help Stop Walmart Selling Religious Violence and "Would Jesus Shop at Walmart?" Baptist Pastors Challenge the Retailier

What's Wal-Mart promoting this holiday season?

The religious right's extreme apocalyptic theology. Just in time for Christmas, a violent video game has been released in which born-again Christians aim to convert or kill those who don't adhere to their extreme ideology. Disturbingly, the game's apparent attempts at religious indoctrination are aimed at children and focus on violent, divisive, and hateful scenarios. While the religious right apparently has no problem pushing the product this holiday season, America's #1 video game seller should know better.

This is the website for the game:

This is the description of what happens in the game:

The game is based on an extreme ideology, and promotes the conversion or even killing of those who do not adhere to a specific interpretation of Christianity - including Muslims, Catholics, and Jews.

"Left Behind: Eternal Forces" takes place in New York City, shortly after the rapture. Gamers are charged with creating Christian militias who roam the streets of New York City, looking to convert non-believers and killing those who they are unable to draw to their side. In fact, after particularly bloody battles, players must use prayer to recharge their "soul points" that have been diminished by the killing.

Click here to read more about it at Faithful, the e-advocacy network of the religious community.

Take action now and urge Wal-Mart to stop selling religious violence this holiday season. Click here:


In a related story -- a group of Baptist pastors are challenging Walmart to become a "Golden Rule" company. Rev. Joe Phelps of Highland Baptist Church of Louisville, KY, asks "Would Jesus Shop at Walmart" in a TV commercial. Click here for the story on Ethics Daily


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America is mystery Babylon:

Oh, and don't forget, neocons are really just pseudoliberals. That's what the paleocons believe.

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