Sunday, January 07, 2007

Broad Coalition of Religious Leaders Call for Middle East Peace

A broad coalition of Jewish, Christian and Muslim leaders issued a statement on Dec. 12, 2006 calling for a renewed initiative towards peace in Israel and Palestine.

"As Jewish, Christian and Muslim religious leaders, our shared Abrahamic faith compels us to work together for peace with justice for Israelis, Palestinians and all peoples in the Middle East," reads the preamble of the group's statement. "As Americans, we again ask the United States to make peace in the Middle East an urgent priority. Our nation has an inescapable responsibility and an indispensable role to provide creative, determined leadership for building a just peace for all in the Middle East."

The statement, entitled "Arab-Israeli-Palestinian Peace: From Crisis to Hope," says the "United States must make peace in the Middle East an urgent priority. Achieving Arab-Israeli-Palestinian peace will have positive reverberations in the region and around the world. Our nation and the world will be much safer if peace takes hold in the Middle East."

Read the NCC press release here

Read the complete statement here


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