Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Sri Lanka's Water War

Refugees flee fighting between government troops
and rebels in Sri Lanka's northeast.

Following a 19-day blockade of water from disputed reservoir in Sri Lanka -- signalling the start of a "Water War," that sparked the worst fighting between government soldiers and guerrillas in four years the Tamil rebels have now re-opened the water sluice on humanitarian grounds.

Meanwhile, 17 tsunami aid workers from the French organization Action Contre la Faim (Action Against Hunger) were killed yesterday sending shockwaves through the NGO community.

Here’s a brief news capsule from Ecumenical News International

New Delhi (ENI). Churches in Sri Lanka have joined in the widespread condemnation of the killing of at least 15 workers for a French charity during ongoing fighting near Muttur along the east coast of the island in what is being dubbed "the water war". "This is terrible," Santha Fernando, spokesperson for the National Christian Council (NCC) of Sri Lanka, told Ecumenical News International on 8 August. Fernando was reacting to the news of the killing of 15 Tamils working with the French charity Action against Hunger, known by its French initials, ACF.

Click here for a Reuters report on the aid worker killings.

More detailed report on the state of the Sri Lankan war can be found at the following site: Reuters

This morning a bomb blast in Colombo killed a 3 year old and an older man. More information all these at a reputed Sri Lanka web news site: Lankapage.com


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