Sunday, August 06, 2006

Jews and Arabs / Refuse to Be Enemies

This was one of the chants in a peace demonstration in downtown Tel Aviv on Saturday. They also chanted "We shall not die nor kill / in the service of the USA!" - "Children want to live / in Beirut and Haifa!" - "Peretz, Peretz resign / peace is more important!" - "A million refugees / that's a war crime!" - "Olmert, Peretz and Ramon / Get out of Lebanon!" reports Israeli peace web site Gush Shalom.

You won't hear this in the mainstream media, but there's a serious peace movement in Israel

In an article entitled "Bring the Soldiers Home!"It will not End - Until we Talk!"
Gush Shalom says the following:

The biggest demonstration against the war held in Israel until now took place today (5.8.06) in the heart of downtown Tel-Aviv, an area that is considered especially right-wing. Close to 10 thousand demonstrators from all over the country, among them many Arab citizens, marched from Ben-Zion Boulevard, along King George Street, to Magen David Square. There, at the entrance to the Carmel market, a stage was set up. The thousands that did not find place in the square flowed over into Nahlat Binyamin and the other neighboring streets.

When the demonstrators were still waiting for the start, a salvo of eggs was thrown at them from the balcony of a building. The perpetrators fled before the police could reach them.

Jewish Voice for Peace is an alternative voice from the US Jewish community.

From Gaza to Lebanon, the conflict over Israel has once again flared up into major violence, with civilians being the overwhelming majority of the victims. And, true to form, the blame game is in full swing. Cries of “they started it” can be heard loudly from all sides, and the voices talking about reasonable ways to end “it” are once again muted.

Their web site also has links to many other reports, articles and information, including a call to place an ad in The Nation


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