Friday, July 21, 2006

"Where are the Christians?" A Surprising Column by Pat Buchanan

Conservative commentator Pat Buchanan has a very interesting syndicated op-ed piece today. Even some consertives know that the US position on the Middle East war is immoral and untenable. To his question "Where are the Christians?" the answer is in my previous post just below this, which lists the statements made by the NCC, WCC and various churches. See also the top story in today's NCC web site:

Also, several religious organizations are working to set up a "Season of Prayer for Peace in the Middle East." Look out for more details next week.

Pat Buchanan writes: "When Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert unleashed his navy and air force on Lebanon, accusing that tiny nation of an "act of war," the last pillar of Bush's Middle East policy collapsed." For more of Buchanan's column, click here


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