Saturday, April 21, 2007

Shame on you, Harry Reid!

When the Democratic leader of the US Senate, Harry Reid said, "I hope there's not a rush to do anything!" I couldn't believe my ears. A mentally ill man who bought hand guns legally, and used it to kill 32 students at Virginia Tech, and the US Senate will not "rush to do anything!"

"We're in mourning now," House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said.

President Bush said he expects a national debate on gun control but "now is not the time." It's too soon even to think about changing gun policy, let alone to discuss it, he said.

Finally, the Democrats and the president agree on something.

New York congressman Charles Rangel when asked why this is the case when some 85% of the US population favors stronger gun controls, replied, the 15% is organized, the others are not. This indeed is the issue.

It is time for people of faith, who value life and love neighbor to stand up to the lethal organizing power of the NRA lobby. We've been silent and allowed the masscre of innocents to go on for far too long.

I appreciated Matthew Rothschild's column entitled: When “Good Politics” Gets Lethal: Harry Reid Takes a Dive on Gun Control. Perhaps you would too.


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