Friday, April 20, 2007

McCain's Song Is NOT Funny

Senator John McCain's presidential campaign hit a new low on Wednesday, when in answer to a question about Iran, he began to sing bomb,bomb, bomb, Iran to the tune of the Beach Boys song "Barbara Ann." The audience responded with laughter and applause. This is NOT funny. Responsible leaders will look for ways to resolve difference through diplomacy rather than violence.

The delegation of Christian leaders to Iran, two months ago, called on politicians, media and US Americans to stop talking about Iran using enemy images.

Confronted with criticism, Senator McCain brushed it off saying that those who criticize him should "get a life." To which, I say, we all want to get a life -- but Senator, you are advocating a culture of death.

Thoughtless and knee-jerk violent responses only create a deeper culture of violence in a society that is already saturated with guns and violence as we so tragically experienced on Monday in Virginia.

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