Thursday, March 08, 2007

"We Cannot Be Silent" Address by His Majesty King Abdullah II

I was in Washington DC yesterday with some members of the delegation to Iran. We visited offices of US Senators and Congresspersons to talk about the value of dialogue over war and our suggestions for moving it forward. At the same time King Abdullah II of Jordan addressed a joint meeting of the US congress. I really appreciate the passion with which the King speaks about issues of justice and peace in the Middle East. It is eminently worth our reading.

Click here for the address by His Majesty King Abdullah II of Jordan


At 4:59 AM, Anonymous jessica said...

Yes, peace indeed should be established in world at large. Guess with proper support from different parts of the world Middle East countries too can become a haven of peace. Anyways, I like the political appeal of the post. Do drop by my blog too coz in my blog I have discussed about friendship at length.


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