Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Pictures from Geneva

On Monday, along with the "Thinking Together" group, I participated in an International Colloquium on "An End to Tolerance." Some of the documents from that event are at this web site:

On the dais are some of the "Thinking Together" group members: Rashied Omar (Joan Kroc Center for Peace Studies, Notre Dame University), Rabia Terri Harris (Muslim Peace Fellowship), Hans Ucko (World Council of Churches), Anant Rambachan (Professor of Religion and Philosophy, St. Olaf College). In the foreground is Mahinda Deegalle (Sri Lankan Buddhist monk from Bath, UK)

On Monday night we were treated to a performance of Whirling Dervishes. Although it was a performance, it was also a ritual act. A Sufi spiritual practice, whirling causes the practitioner to get into a trance. Mostly practiced in Turkey, mainstream Muslim do not regard the practice authentic Islam. It reminds me that Islam is as multi-faceted as any other religious tradition.


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